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Can I edit my job listing after it's posted?

Yes, of course. You can edit your job anytime.

Do I need to provide any payment details for the free job trial package?

No, not at the moment. We have a free trial job package available for all our new employers. If you would like a better job package deal, please take a look at the information above.


How do I get started with posting jobs and hiring on Boardrm Ltd?

We have an easy and simple process for you to get started with hiring talented individuals. The first step is to sign up on our website by selecting the ‘Employer’ option. Once you have signed up, head to your dashboard and click on ‘Post a Job’ to post a new job. You can navigate to the ‘Jobs’ section to take a look at your jobs. After you have posted your job and some candidates have applied to your jobs, you can take a look at the ‘Applicants’ section in your dashboard. In the ‘Applicants’ section you can message, arrange an audio/video call meeting with the applicant and here you can either approve/reject the applicant. Once you have decided which applicant to enrol, you can mark the job as filled in the ‘Jobs’ section and your hiring process is now complete. 

Can I add multiple companies to my dashboard?

Yes, of course. You can add more than one company and also add jobs for those companies. To post a job for the new company, all you need to do is select the new company you added whilst filling in the job form.

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