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    January 16, 2024

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    March 16, 2024

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We currently have a requirement for a Software Engineer / Programmer to 
join in our small and highly-motivated web applications team in Central 


Because of expanding requirements, we need to hire a general-purpose 
programmer to work on the back-end parts of our web applications.  We 
use a small, conservative stack oriented around PHP and MySQL.  We use 
Laravel to help break the back of time-consuming and tedious tasks in 
PHP, we do not make Laravel Applications.

Mostly, you will be working to make API endpoints for our JavaScript 
programmers to interact with; less than 10% of the  work will be in 
HTML/CSS so only basic front-end skills are required.  Much more 
important is to be able to visualise a complex problem and come up with 
a solution for it.  If your first response to being given a difficult 
task is to say "there's a SAAS for that" or "there's a 3rd party module 
for that", you're likely to be happier in another role.

Similarly, we need someone who is more interested in making software 
than in deploying or managing software.  Ideally, you'll be happy with 
daily server tasks using BaSH.  In the future, we may consider some sort 
or containerisation and CI/CD pipeline, but for the forseeable future we 
will be using an extremely basic stack with an emphasis on 'conservative 
solutions to radical problems'.  So if your first response to putting a 
web application onto a server is "you can use this Docker image...", 
you're likely to be happier in another role.

We manage projects, by using the tools of human communication and 
collective decision-making and collective responsibility.  We do not use 
a project management methodology.  If your first response to being asked 
"how would you supervise a project..." is "Jira", then you're likely to 
be happier in another role.

Still here?  Consider yourself an above-average Computer Programmer with 
some experience in PHP and some modern web framework?  Handy with one or 
two other languages, maybe?  Happy with daily Unix-type tasks using the 
CLI?  Know your way around a basic SQL query and have the ability and 
will to work with an ORM if it saves time and resource?  Can make a 
basic layout in HTML?  Can deal with making an AJAX call with JavaScript 
and dealing with the response?  Maybe most importantly, do you have the 
interpersonal skills to present your ideas in a coherent, 
evidence-supported and scientific manner?

Everyone says that their company is different, but this one is.  You 
will not get free soft drinks, football table or bean bags, but will 
have the chance to get an almost unprecedented level of determination 
over your own work.  Within the basic structure outlines above, no-one 
will patronise you, impose arbitrary Standards or insist on imagined 
orthodoxies.  Making software is important and communicating with 
co-workers, managers, executives and apprentices is important - 
everything else is secondary to those needs and goals.

We are a bricks-and-mortar company and your presence on-site will be 
required more often than not.  But don't worry - we are handy for three 
kinds of public transport and a short walk from the dead-centre of 

STILL reading?  Seriously?  If all of the above appeals to you, please 
get in touch.  We'll be running a 20 minute telephone screener, followed 
by a rigorous in-person interview.  You will not have to take a test, 
and you will not have to write code in your interview; but be prepared 
to answer some hard questions on Software Engineering and Computer 
Science.  The way you answer will be at least as important as the answers you give!


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